The Strength of Our Teams

Working together with the patient at the center of the team.

At Methodist, we know that great success comes from great teamwork. Ours is a culture of teams dedicated to providing the best care and best overall experience. That is why we put you, the patient, at the center of our team.

What can we do to best meet your health care needs? We bring together talented and caring clinicians, administrators and support staff to work with you to answer this question. Our systems and technology allow us to communicate seamlessly across our departments, clinics and facilities. Your records, tests, history and treatment can be viewed in real time electronically from your Methodist Physicians Clinic provider's office throughout our hospitals and locations. This teamwork helps us develop a care plan for your best possible outcomes.

See how the power of teamwork is used throughout our Health System to give you the best care possible.

  • Fighting cancer in its totality

    Methodist Estabrook Cancer Center is dedicated to helping those whose lives are touched by cancer, and is a leader in cancer prevention, research, diagnosis and treatment. At the heart of this success is the multidisciplinary treatment planning conference. Read about this approach and how it benefits our patients.

    Jennie Edmundson Cancer Center, the only cancer center in southwest Iowa accredited by the American College of Surgeons, uses weekly treatment planning conferences to focus on a comprehensive plan of care. Read about the Jennie approach to cancer care.

  • Specialized treatment on the leading edge of geriatric care

    From the design of the floor to the open visiting policy for family members, the specialized care in the Acute Care for Elders (ACE) Unit can help speed a patient's return to activities. Methodist Hospital has been designated a NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders) site by the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing. Read more about the outstanding Geriatric Care at Methodist.

  • Emergency Treatment for Sexual Assault

    Methodist Hospital offers adult and teen victims of sexual assault a place to go where they can receive immediate, comprehensive and compassionate care and evidence collection from health care professionals specifically trained and educated to meet their special needs. Compassion for the victim and specialized treatment are the hallmarks of this unique team. Read more about this unique and caring approach.

  • Time is Muscle

    Chest pain is often a life-threatening emergency. From your first step inside the Emergency Department, a comprehensive team is activated to reduce the time needed to diagnose and treat chest pain. A specially-developed questionnaire helps quickly identify patients for an ECG (electrocardiogram). With a mobile computer, the patient is admitted following those initial results. A team including a Registered Nurse, Cardiologist, Surgeon, and Catheter Lab Technicians quickly allow for diagnosis and treatment. As members of the American College of Cardiology's D2B: An Alliance for Quality™, Jennie Edmundson Hospital and Methodist Hospital teams are able to quickly analyze cases and institute treatment. Read more about Heart services.

    Door to Balloon Celebration

    Members of the Omaha Fire Department joined with Methodist Hospital’s Door to Balloon Team to mark a special milestone. Watch Now