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Primary care physicians

We offer the following tools and tips to help you get the best care possible with your Primary Care Physician.

Preparing for your appointment

You want to get the most benefit from a doctor's appointment, and the physician wants to focus his or her medical knowledge on maintaining or improving your health. To help your physician, you can do some things to prepare for your visit:

  • Make a list of your medications and any over-the-counter vitamins or drugs you take.
  • Report your symptoms as accurately as possible. Bring a list of your concerns to optimize the time you spend with your doctor.
  • Bring your insurance card or information. As a courtesy to our patients, we will submit bills to your insurance company. You may need to contact your insurance company if you have questions about benefits or covered charges.

Accept your important role in this partnership. Follow your doctor's recommendations and tell the doctor when you cannot. Print the Ask Me 3™ appointment checklist from the Partnership for Clear Health Communication to help you prepare for an appointment.

Advantages of a Methodist Physicians Clinic provider.

Methodist Health System is home to more than 99 Primary Care Physicians in 16 clinics across SW Iowa and Omaha metropolitan area. The partnership between the Methodist Physicians Clinic locations and the Methodist Health System hospitals provides unique benefits to you and your health care

Quick, informed decisions based on your complete history.

Methodist Health System has invested in electronic medical records throughout its clinic and hospital locations. When you are seen at one of our facilities, your care team can view your complete record 24/7, including your history, medication lists, images and test results.

Hospitalists assure on-site acute care.

Methodist Physicians Clinics provide special doctors called Hospitalists at each of our hospitals. Hospitalists, practice only in the hospital and work with your physician to monitor your condition, order tests and make treatment decisions that will help you get well faster, resulting in shorter hospital stays. 

Find a Methodist Physicians Clinic Primary Care provider.